Friday, July 25, 2014

Family of Five

It's been three months with three kids and we're all doing remarkably well (meaning we're all still alive anyway)!  The adjustment will take some time, more so for the boys than anyone.  I feel like a veteran at this baby thing by now, but she's, simply put, a much easier baby than the boys were.  Sunny is in bed around 12 hours each night and actually sleeps most of it!  Jack woke every hour to two hours his entire first 18 was SO hard and I was SO tired!  Ever slept well his first three months and then (teething hit) he woke several times a night, and still only sometimes sleeps through the night.  Sunny, however, Sweet Sunny, she SLEEPS! There's been a few nights she has only woken once and normally she only wakes two or three times until about 3/4am when she starts being a bit more restless (sometimes).  She also naps...sometimes for 4 hours at a time! This was inconceiveable to me before.  Usually she only sleeps about 45 minutes at a time, but when she wakes she is content and rarely cries to get picked up immediately.IMG_3989Now that she's older and more alert she's up more, but very happy, smiles a lot, laughs, and 'talks' to me.  I've just in the past week or two, started putting her down on her belly on a blanket and she'll play with a toy (usually Sofie Giraffe) or roll to her back and just enjoy life.  She adores her swing, it was the biggest (apart from her carseat) investment we spent on her and well worth it! She'll often fall asleep in there if she didn't nursing, or lay quietly.
We are all very much in love with her. I was so unsure about having a girl, but now am ecstatic with her and excited for some more girlieness in the house!
always by her side!
The boys are head over heals, but especially Ever - he can't get enough of her. "Baby Sista" he calls her, he gets a high voice, "oh baby sista" he says:). He likes to tickle, hug, kiss, and just be around her. He also hits or grabs her once in a while, then immediately says sorry. Definitely seeming to test boundaries! Jack will grab him and get mad, telling me he needs to protect her. He also adores her of course ("isn't she just so cute!?!" he'll say).
Jack likes to read to her
They are still adjusting to life as we know it now. Ever still wants to be a baby in a way, he's a mama's boy, very whiny when he's tired. He's also so very cute right now. Everything he says is too funny, I can listen to him all day.  He loves his big brother too, they play together always or are asking where the other is. They fight a lot too, but are starting to resolve it better on their own now. Jack's really growing up, he's also gotten quite a bit of attitude lately, I can't say he's always pleasant to be around! He's so social still, always loving to play with everyone, making friends everywhere.
Though it's an adjustment now, going from two to three littles, it's already fun. It's fun to have a little girl around now and looking forward to them all growing up together!

Sun's Birth

The pregnancy, despite its being my hardest, went fast. As the EDD of Feb 26th approached I was getting more tired and resting quite a bit, other than cleaning and taking care of the house and boys. On the 24th I remember thinking I probably still had a while until baby, and was glad since I was on my last days of a head cold that was draining me. Monday the 25th we went to Sprouts in the morning and towards late afternoon I was getting more braxton hicks than normal. Even after resting in the evening they weren't going away and went to bed early after putting the boys down early. I woke throughout the night as normal and noticed more braxton hicks so started wondering if it was beginning. At 1:30am I felt my first 'real' contraction that told me it was definitely almost time. I woke John and had him begin filling the birth tub and I called Jennifer as I filled the bath tub. 

The bath felt good and I had one of the candles from my blessingway lit, but the rest (along with my beads) were in the bedroom with the sleeping boys. I didn't want to keep going in the room to risk waking Ever so left it all in there.  My phone needed to be charged (I hadn't added the birthing Hypnobabies tracks to it so it was downloading from the computer while being charged, I ended up never using it) so I had John's phone which had no music. So I sat in silence which was fine, though I'd wanted to listen to something!

It didn't seem to take Jen and her assistants long to get there, I was still in the tub and contractions were getting stronger and more frequent. One of her assistants began fanning me and never left my side, fanning throughout labor - it was wonderful as I was so hot! Finally the pool was ready, I had no concept of the time. I went pee before transferring to the pool and got a contraction I told Jen that felt pushy...I remember her saying it probably won't be long - my thoughts too! The pool was in the living room since the boys were sleeping in the bedroom. The heat felt good for the pains but I was so hot so they got me more cold washcloths and turned the ceiling fan on.

Ever woke crying shortly after I was in and John tried to put him back to sleep. It didn't work so John brought him out and he calmed down, resting on John's chest and sleepily gazing around at all the people in our home! He put him on the couch as he continued to come in and out of sleep, he would open his eyes slightly and fall back was nice to watch while laboring.  

By the time I'd gotten in the pool everything was intense and I was often needing to push. I could feel her pressure and really ached for it to be over. It was hard to stay on top of the pain, I was beginning to feel sorry for myself and didn't think I could do it. I knew this must be transition but wasn't impressed much since I knew the baby should be coming soon either way! Everyone there was wonderful, gathered around the pool and encouraging me, telling me how strong I was and all that cheesy birth talk that doesn't sound so cheesy at the time and really is empowering! They were exchanging my washcloths, giving me sips of my tea, fanning me, and I was grabbing John's hand at points.

Finally, a contraction or two after I felt my water pop, I was pushing and could feel a head crowning! It only came out part of the way and my contraction stopped. I was so scared to leave it like that I kept pushing until Jen reminded me to stop and breathe and wait. Once I did that the pain subsided...until the next contraction! The head came out w/that one and I asked John if he saw (he was behind me and didn't realize she was coming out). Immediately after that the next came and I tried my best to relax as I felt her wiggly body come out and Jen helped bring her up to my chest.

I was so relieved! I had her on my chest and the first thing I saw was how much vernix she had. She was covered, I was amazed at it! The cord was so short so we couldn't move much but I was so curious so I reached down between her legs and announced that there was no penis-it was a girl! Ever woke and came over immediately after and John went to get Jack who came beaming in (John told him it was his sister, which he'd hoped for, to wake him). They all watched in amazement from the side of the tub as she nursed a bit.
The boys were so excited! I couldn't wait to get out of the water and she was starting to fuss so after the cord stopped pulsing Jack helped Jennifer cut it and John got to hold her while I delivered the placenta in the pool. I couldn't wait to get out of the water! They set up some pillows and blankets on the couch and I laid back and she nursed and nursed. Then Jack got to hold her and then Ever, such happy big brothers! They stayed right by her side as she was checked out. 8lbs 8.5oz, 21inches long, she was my biggest! She nursed more after that and I forced down an apple w/peanut butter, not ready to eat much. I was happy to find my patience getting her out paid off - no tears! 

She was born around 4:35am Feb 25th. I had already picked out the name Sun while in the womb because of the strength and power in the name I knew it would suit her and knew I'd call her Sunny! Nayeli didn't come for a few days. It's a native american name meaning I love you.  A week after she was born I did light all my birthing candles and we had a cake and sang to her. She fits in wonderfully with our family and everyone loves our little Sunny girl!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Six Months!

My little Sweet Pea, he came to us so beautifully.
 And now, already 1/2 a year has past and I would never have imagined how amazing he could be and how much joy he could bring our family!
I thought he would be so laid back, one of those kids that doesn't move around for months because they're so content just being.  He was just so peaceful and relaxed his first couple months!

He's become more and more like Jack, curious about everything and ready for adventure! 

He's shown us that by starting to crawl before 5 months and fighting sleep by 4 months.  

   He is quite the happy boy, he busies himself these days by crawling throughout the house, checking everything out. Recently his favorite is to climb to the top of Jack's slide            and hang out on the patio watching the chickens.

Happy 6 months, Ever Peace!